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A Band of Better-For-You Brands.

We joined forces to create a healthy hub for modern food and beverages, educate our communities on the dangers of excessive sugars, and collaborate to mutually benefit the good people who enjoy our products.


Together, ACES can fulfill our mission to create a culture where all people rethink sugar and empty calories. We will champion the benefits of zero-calorie sweeteners and natural ingredients that mimic the taste and texture of our favorite snacks and drinks.


We are many brands with a single belief:

life can be sweet, without the sugar.

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Introducing the Class of 2022

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supercoffee product

We mass-produce positive energy with zero sugar and naturally sweetened protein-packed drinks. Super Coffee is an electrifying flavor without the sugar shock.

www.drinksupercoffee.com / @drinksupercoffee

ACES Highkey

HighKey is driving sugar out of snacks, one craving at a time. Tastes as good as the original so that you won’t miss a thing (until you run out!)

www.highkey.com / @highkeysnacks

ACES Olipop

Meet OLIPOP: a refreshing, better-for-you soda that’s made with plant fiber, prebiotics, and botanicals to support digestive health.

www.drinkolipop.com / @drinkolipop


Lemon Perfect is a super-refreshing, great-tasting, and hydrating flavored lemon water with zero sugar and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. 

www.lemonperfect.com / @lemonperfect


Koia delivers easy access to healthy, delicious, convenient, plant-based nutrition for the many, not the few. Our flavors are simple yet shockingly delicious.

www.drinkkoia.com / @drinkkoia


Made with your sweet tooth in mind, Enlightened serves up your favorite desserts without all the added sugar.

www.eatenlightened.com / @eatenlightened

ACES 3 wishes

Three Wishes is a new kind of cereal—one made from nutrient dense ingredients, not commodity grains like wheat, rice, corn, and oats.

www.threewishescereal.com / @threewishes


Bhu Foods crafts delicious, low sugar protein bars, snacks and desserts with plant-based ingredients so everyone can snack happier and healthier. 

www.bhufoods.com / @bhufoods


Chomps is a minority, family-owned and operated healthy meat snack brand with products made from the highest-quality, sustainably sourced proteins with no hidden, harmful ingredients. Chomps’ mission is to inspire, educate, and fuel our community with accessible, sustainable, real food that doesn’t compromise on taste.

www.chomps.com / @chomps


At IWON Organics our purpose is to help people win, starting with the most important thing – food. Plus the most important thing that makes food work for us – balance. It’s the energy you get from eating real foods and the satisfaction of eating well on-the-run. We’ve put this positive, feel-good vibe into our mission of making flavor-infused, organic, protein snacks. The balanced nutritional profile of our on-the-go snacks comes from high quality plant-based protein from peas, beans, and brown rice to provide the fuel you need for your active lifestyle.

www.iwonorganics.com / @iwonorganic


Like oatmeal. But cooler. MUSH is ready-to-eat, gluten-free, and dairy-free made with nothing but simple ingredients. MUSH is the perfect breakfast, snack, dessert, or pre/post-workout fuel.

www.eatmush.com /@mush


NuSkool Snacks provides deliciously convenient, low sugar alternatives to familiar snacking options. Current offerings include collagen-based and plant-based, keto certified nutrition bar lines with 88% less sugar than the leading brand.

www.nuskoolsnacks.com / @nuskoolsnacks


Meet Remedy: a no sugar, organic kombucha that isn’t an acquired taste with gut-loving live cultures that are A-OK in or out of the fridge.

www.remedydrinks.com/us / @drink.remedy

Refreshing, tropical-botanical flavors that complement mindful eaters everywhere. Shaka Tea’s 100% plant-based, naturally caffeine-free herbal teas are always zero sugar, calories, and carbs gently sweetened with monk fruit to be keto and diabetic friendly. Brewed with handpicked māmaki leaves, Shaka Tea practices direct trade with local farmers and champions sustainable agriculture in the Hawaiian Islands.

www.shakatea.com / @drinkshakatea


Makes irresistibly delicious, no sugar versions of your favorite condiments, sweetened only with vegetables and fruit.

www.truemadefoods.com / @truemadefoods

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Our Mission Manifesto:

We live in two worlds at war.


In one, everything is healthy but tastes horrible. On the other, everything is flavorful but filled with sugar and shady ingredients too dangerous to put in our bodies.


So we’re drawing the line in the grocery aisle and standing up against settling for less.


No more this or that. No more great taste or good for you. No more or’s.

We are ACES.

The Alliance to Control Excessive Sugar. Born out of the bond between bold flavor and better-for-you. Unified in our belief that everyone has the right to live in a world free from the shackles of sugar.

So we stand united in the fight against empty calories and the forces that fuel them. Together, we’ll forge a future where excessive sugars become a thing of the past. Together, we’ll cancel the compromise.

Nominate a brand for ACES:

Is there a product or brand you love that is satisfying your sweet tooth without using excessive sugar or artificial ingredients? We’re always looking to expand our movement and collaborate with likeminded brands, so fill in the info form to apply or nominate the next brand for ACES.

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